Latest Esport News

  • The let em play reports A new exchange-traded fund named NERD has been introduced by the Round hill investment company that will take a positioning of $200,000 in the esport organization being the first to be a public fund for such a thing.
  • According to let em play reports, DOTA 2 major to be held in Chengdu of china again, as announced by the Mars media, the parent gaming company. The tournaments are expected to begin on 16th and end on the 24th of November. The regional qualifiers are supposed to be hosted in October, possibly within 5th to 10th.
  • The let em play reports that the leagues of legends master series are popularly known as LMS and the south Asia tour of LOL are being combined by the riot gaming and together they are going to introduce a new team called Pacific League Championship Series also known as PCS.
  • Let em play reports Playcon, the first esports expo and game development of Malta to be held at MFCC in between 3rd-6th October.
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DOTA 2 International 2019 - Biggest Esport Tournament Ever

As mentioned earlier, the DOTA 2, mega-event of 2019 is going to take place in china’s Chengdu. Our let em team will be constantly in touch and will give you the latest updates from the venue. So all the esports lovers and especially those who have a thing for DOTA fasten your seat belts tight and put the dates of 16th to 24th November on your reminders. You are also encouraged to watch the regional qualifiers on the abovementioned dates by the letemplay team. Esports in the present world had become one of the most popular genres of entertainment and thanks to sites like let em play who never let the popularity go down. The popularity of the esports has compelled the legal online casinos to offer esports betting. Now you can try betting on every esports game through the online casinos for free with the help of the casino bonus. The online casinos give the casino bonus like no deposit casino bonus to all its subscribers with which you can bet and win real money. To find out more about generous free casino bonus offers and no deposit rewards – go to and explore esports betting options, esports themed casino games, and many more exciting real-money winning options.

Most Popular Esport Games to Play Right Now

The letemplay team suggests these 4 games to be in your wish list if you are a gaming geek.

1. WORLD OF WARCRAFT: this one is one of the oldest MMORPG in which the players are supposed to create a character and survive the challenges of the fictional world they are living in. today with the introduction of many other highly advanced games, this game seems to have lost its charm a bit but not totally.

2. PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND: popularly known as PUBG. If something made winner-winner chicken dinner a slogan, it is this game which has been trending since 2017 and since then been top-ranked among all other games.

3. COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE: although this game is not the first in the series, still its popularity has made it stay in the all times top 10 lists for years now.

4. HEARTHSTONE: this one is a bit different from the rest mentioned earlier as it is basically a card game that has been trending in the gaming fraternity ever since its inception.

How to Start in Esports - Let Em Play Discover Academy Camps

Many of us have heard a lot about the esports but do not know how to start about it. Most of us end up thinking that this must be a gaming genre only for the geeks and nerds and don’t even try our hands on them. Rest of us finds it too difficult to cope up with the skills all alone and look for guidance. For both the categories of my friends, there is good news. The em play team has organized a discover camp for those who have a knack for learning all about esports. How to start, how to be a winner, how to develop your skills more and even more are some of the things that the let em play discover camp would teach you. Just like there is a football academy to teach you how to play football, the esports academy teaches you how to play esports and be an expert at it. After being through the academy you may even become professional players who could try gaming to earn his living. We all know that competitive gaming has always been a popular pastime and that the eSports industry as relatively new game development has become pretty popular among video game fans. However, if you find all this process unfamiliar, you can always play your favorite casino games and make a profit from the games you like the most. Continue reading this to get your best bonus codes to play free casino games without downloading. These promotions are perfect for new members and there are many reputable sites on the internet that offer a chance of collecting free credits.

Best and Most Successful Teams

The teams in esports are termed best in terms of their earnings and here are the names of the best teams of 2019 who have collectively earned the highest-grossing amount in the year.

  1. Vici Gaming: this team has managed to make a whopping $3.04M, most of which came from the DOTA events that took place around the year.
  2. Cloud9: this team can boast of winning a fortune of $3.28M by playing the games like Leagues of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  3. Fnatic: this team who has won this whopping amount of $3.63M is particularly good at FIFA and Fortnite. This team has been a world champion for 4 years consecutively.
  4. Astralis: the amount that the team won this year was $3.65M but this team has been awarded a bonus prize of $1million for winning the grand slam title for so many years.