General Information

Game ID’s

For participation, in any event, it is necessary to have the corresponding Game ID (Steam ID) indicated in the profile configuration. It is the responsibility of each player that the value indicated in each case is correct. Having a poorly completed Game ID can result in the competition being thrown out.


Only one team is allowed to be created on the clan/Team page. Each of them will have a maximum of 7 or 8 players in their ranks.


Each team must have one or more captains, who will have the possibility to open protests to maintain a direct line with the administration and resolve encounters with unescorted rivals, breaches of the regulations or other issues.

It will ensure that the members of your team have correctly entered the “Steam ID” for the game.


Each member of the clan is a player so that you must comply with all the above in point 2.1.

All team members can enroll a team in any competition as long as it meets the basic requirements.

A player will never be able to compete with two different teams in the same competition. If this is detected the player will be sanctioned and the teams expelled from the competition.

Game Mode

The tournaments will be played in “Captain Mode “where the game version must be “tournament”.

The “backdoor” option is allowed.

The winner of each game will be the team that achieves one of the following objectives:

* The rival team surrenders.

* Destroy the base of the rival team.

Match Sheet

When a tournament starts, the game is automatically created on the web where players can talk through comments to resolve any doubts, ” Steam ID” of the other player, game creator, match time, etc.

Creator of the Game

The game will be created by the team that has the best seeding or, failing that, is located on the left side of the match. If for any reason you both come to an agreement, and the other player creates it there would be no problem.

Timeout / not submitted

When one of the two teams fails to show up, 15 minutes of courtesy are granted for him to show up. If after this time it does not appear, a defined victory will be awarded to the team that is present in that match. Such a player or team present must record to the organizers, using a protest of the type “unopposed opponent,” letting the referees know that their rival has not appeared and they act accordingly. Referees can ask the team that opens the protest for evidence, and they will have to upload the evidence to the party card or email it to

Game interruption

If a player disconnects from the game in the first five minutes, his team will have a 5-minute break, being prolonged if both teams agree. If this player fails to reconnect in the waiting time, the game will continue. The player can reconnect to the game when he can.

The game may start again (recreate the game from scratch) provided that before the fall “first blood” has not been obtained, a tower has been destroyed and both teams agree.

Voluntary Departure

No player or team is allowed to leave an ongoing game. If it occurs without a valid justification, the confrontation will be deemed to have been lost, and a timely sanction will be applied.

When the problem affects both computers (drop the game servers, etc.), the game in the game is voided and must be replayed.

Enter Result

At the end of the game, the player or team captain must go to the game card and enter the match result in the form shown on the side panel. When the result is entered, the opposing team must confirm that result.

If both teams confirm the result, the match will be terminated by entering in the next round the victorious team.

If there is a disagreement on the final result, teams must provide evidence clarifying the outcome of the meeting. If, on the other hand, no one provides any proof, the match will be void within ten minutes so that no team will move to the next round.