The New Development Event: Rock, Lands at Pokémon Masters

Just a week ago the Blue and Pidgeot event came to Pokémon Masters, and in order to offer us constant encouragement with which to keep the game alive in its first days, the new development event is with us: rock that will serve precisely what we are promised, strengthen and much to our rock-like Pokémon.

In addition to the juicy rewards that we will receive in multiplayer mode, this event has as its main feature a large bonus of 900% experience for rock type, which will go from receiving 180 or 380 experience (which those Pokémon of other types will receive) to 1620 and 3420 experience points.

FIFA 20 Unveils Top 100 Stockings: Messi can Play with Cristiano

EA Sports had been accustomed to, to reveal the top 100 gradually, but the leaks and the arrival of the demo have precipitated the events in this FIFA 20 to display time to the best players in the world in a single list dominated by Messi, this time above Cristiano Ronaldo.

In past years the wait was too long, and EA has learned his lesson. When the top 80-100 was published on the first day of Reveals Ratings, the leaks already counted that Messi and Cristiano would be 94 on average, a point that shattered all the surprises saved for the final moment.

It is already official that the top 100 averages will arrive in the afternoon of this Monday 9 September and finally the leaks have been confirmed that Messi would be for a Christian point after the draw to 94 last year, all due to the leaks once again.

Most Commonly Used TFT Objects in Low Divisions

Now it is the turn of the objects that have the most presence in the lower divisions, as we also count, the object that is repeated is the Guinsoo, and that is, it is one of the most influential objects in the game.

In this case, the three objects that reproduce the most are, again, the fury of Guinsoo, bloodthirsty and Spear of Shojin, offensive objects with which we can do, or we believe, 100 to 0 with our carries.

First, we have the fury of Guinsoo, this object increases by 3% the rate of attack and this increase accumulate infinitely, for this fact it is not uncommon for us to see in these parts a good ADC with a pair of Guinsoo in Jinx or Vayne.

Later the bloodthirsty appears on the list; the item provides a 50% theft of life that, added to a Guinsoo makes the champion who carries it regenerate half of the damage it can provide, this strategy with tanks that defend the champion is advantageous in low divisions.

As the last name on the list is Shojin’s Spear, this object allows recovering 15% of Manna with each attack made in order to launch the final more occasions during the battle.

He was famous with Pyke until he was nerfed, but champions like Katarina, Evelynn or Jinx are good receivers of that object.