Electronic sports have had one of their best years in terms of expansion, growth, and investment, even considering all the bad things that have happened within the Esports in 2018. In this piece, we bring you a classification with the ten games that have distributed the most money during these 365 days, all with figures that exceed 4 million euros.

In the compilation conducted by the Esports Observer, they have ranked tenth in the Call of Duty WWII. The game Activision distributed it 4’17 billion dollars around 2018 between all of your championships, and your tournament more important –Call of Duty World League Championship had a prize purse of 1,500,000.

The following four games are copied by Blizzard: StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch totaling more than $ 22 million. Among them, the highest is the hero-shooter game, which with Overwatch League has increased the number to 6.7 million. These numbers will be even greater in 2019, as it will go from 3,500,000 in 2018 to 5,000,000 dollars next year.

Within the first five, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) stands with 6’73 million, a little above Overwatch. The main drawback to the competitive scene of Bluehole’s game is the scarcity of a planned structure. However, that has not prevented him from sneaking up there. By 2019 the tournament plan is already announced, so you may be able to climb more in the future.

League of Legends appears in fourth place and further away from what it might look like from the third. The popularity and impact of the Riot game are immense, possibly one of the current pillars of the electronic sports industry, yet –in a matter of awards – it does not correspond to other giants whose companies contribute more to the financial structure of their championships.

In third place, and with a bronze medal, Fortnite is consolidated among the three games that have delivered the most money in 2018. The nearly 20,000,000 prizes, 19,960,000 specifically, correspond to a plan organized by Epic Games to endow their game with a total of $ 100 million to be distributed between 2018 and 2019. While this year has been a bit of a Test, tournaments and monetary rewards are expected to increase considerably in 2019.

Secondly, one of the classics makes an act of presence. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is placed with silver medal thanks to the 22.47 million dollars they have given among all tournaments. Taking last year’s data into account, the figure has increased by about 3 million compared to 2017 and Valve’s game –with its six – year-old-shows no signs of needing a replacement, at least for now.

Many will have noticed its absence, especially thanks to the rambling headlines that often propound its most famous tournament, in which the prize is usually counted for tens of millions of dollars. DOTA 2 re-places the gold medal thanks to a competitive scene full of highly paid tournaments, a total of 41.26 million. Of course, its most significant bulwark has returned to The International (TI), which in 2018 has distributed 25.5 million dollars, more than the other nine members of the list individually.