What We Cover

During our OFF SEASON FOOTBALL TRAINING ACADEMIES you will work on the following, by position.



QUARTERBACKS – Stance, Ball Handling, Drops, Hand Off Exchanges, Set-Up, Sprint Out, Reading Defenses, Field Leadership


WR drills


WIDE RECEIVERS – Stance, Starts, Release, Release from Press Coverage, Hand Placement, Cuts, Route Running, Blocking, Reading Coverage’s




RUNNING BACKS – Stance, Start, Ball Security, Ball Handling, Route Running, Run Blocking, Pass Blocking, Hand Placement, Reading Fronts and Coverage’s




OFFENSIVE LINE – Stance, Start, Run Blocking, Pass Blocking, Reading Fronts and Second Level Play




DEFENSIVE BACKS – Stance, Start, Read Progressions, Backpedaling, Breaks, Man Coverage, Pass Disruption, Shedding Blocks, Zone Coverage Concepts, Tackling, Reads



LINEBACKERS – Stance, Starts, Drops, Shedding Blocks, Rushing, Reading Formation Tackling

DEFENSIVE LINE – Stance, Starts, Defending the Run, Rushing, Shedding Blocks, Reading Formations